There are two theories on the invention of Roulette: The first is that the Roulette has Italian origin (the swivel) and was introduced in France in the eighteenth century. The sect node claims was invented in France by the famous mathematician Blasé Pascal.

The name Roulette means "little wheel, wheel". Since its introduction in the early 1700's the game of Roulette has undergone numerous changes. First of all there are three different types.

The classic board, with the numbers from 0 to 36, all reds or blacks other than 0 which is green. It is the most widespread type of Roulette; differs from the other two types because, in the case of output 0, the bets on the simple chances are imprisoned for the current hand; then exits if a number corresponding to the bet chance previously, the episode is released from custody and will act as a new episode which can then win or lose (rule of EN prison). There is also an exemption conventionally used in almost all casinos: when spin 0 bets on the simple chances can be divided with the dealer. online casinos offer generous bonuses to easily roulette players and software with a high level of graphics, stability, security and reliability. Since the game of roulette depends mostly on chance, is vitally important to find a good online casino.

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