Online slot FAQ

Fruit and slot machines have been a mainstay of pubs and arcades across the country for over a hundred years. Now, as technology advances and we make the transition to playing online, we can now play these gaming favourites from the comfort of our own homes. Here are some FAQ about online slot machine use.

Q. Are online slot machines safe?

A. As long as you use reputable sites such as Ladbrokes, better and Jackpot Joy online, gaming can be safe. These sites are regulated and have to meet certain requirements to be allowed online. Visit the Gambling Commission website for more details.

Q. Should I give out my bank details online?

A. As with any online payments, there can be concerns about how your details will be used, if they will be stored safely and the worry that further money might be taken without your agreement. Many online gaming sites now allow you to pay using PayPal, a safe and secure way of paying online so look out for this option when choosing the best online slot site for you.

Q. How do I use online slot machines?

A. On many sites, such as with Kerching mobile slots online there is the option to either download the games to mobile devices such as phones or iPads, or to play online. You are also usually given the option whether you want to play for cash or play for free. After selecting an option, the game loads and you play like any other – it’s as simple as that.

Q. I am concerned about how much time myself or a loved one is spending on online slot machine sites, what should I do?

A. As with all types of gambling, whether it’s the lottery, betting on a horse or visiting casinos, there is always the possibility of overdoing it and it starting to become a problem. If you think that you might be becoming addicted, or know someone who is, you can visit the Gam Care website for advice.

Q. How can I prevent myself becoming addicted to online slots and gaming sites?

A. Whether playing for cash or free, it’s important to set yourself limits. Allocate a short period of time that you think is appropriate to spend on online gaming sites and stick to it. If you are playing for money, have a budget in mind each time you log on to the site and stop when you reach that point.